Festival Judge and Speaker

Experience as a Festival Judge and Speaker:

2016:  Speaker at the British Science Week  Women in Science event in Woking
2016:  Speaker and Judge at the West Berkshire Young Enterprise Awards 2016
2014 – 2016:  Speaker at the Portsmouth International Film Festival
2014 – 2016:  Judge at The Box Film Festival in Newbury
2013 – 2016:  Speaker at the Southampton International Film Festival
2014:   Panel Speaker at the UK Parliament Week event ‘Where are the Women – Women in Politics’, with the Central London Debating Society
2012 – 2014:  Judge for the Learning on Screen Awards, British Universities’ Film and Video Council
2011 – 2014: Facilitator and interviewer for the British Science Week Event, Theatre of Debate, which introduces teenagers to the tensions between science and ethics.

If I can help you with an event or an evening with your group, please drop me a line: judith.bunting@btopenworld.com.

During a wide ranging career working around science, technology and public broadcasting, I have often found myself in strange situations with tricky and fascinating, ethical and practical decisions to make, which makes for some great stories and while amusing, give you something to think about after the evening is over:

– What do  you do when a child is at risk of being snatched, but their mum insists
it’s fine for her to appear on prime time tv?
– Should one really broadcast live during a seven hour major operation?
– How many apparent snorts of cocaine is it reasonable for the BBC to air in 30 seconds?
– Should Beowulf wield a sword on children’s television?

I am also involved in politics and am happy to speak about what it is like when a ‘real’ person decides to get involved in the political world for the first time in their fifties.


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