Judith Bunting is a writer and director of award winning science documentaries and entertainment programmes for TV and VOD.

JB speaking strip

As an Executive and Series Producer Judith has led creative teams to produce award-winning  magazine and entertainment series as well as landmark documentaries for British and international media.

Judith likes to have fun on camera, incorporating stunts, ambitious graphics, and science experiments, which has led to notable TV moments for the BBC, Discovery and National Geographic, on productions such as Horizon, Superhuman, Amazon Headhunters, Extraordinary People, Tomorrow’s World and Body Hits.

Awards: Royal Television Society, Science et Image, British Medical Association, Learning on Screen, KidsScreen, Wellcome Trust, the International Wildlife Film Festival and more.

Judith was the driving force behind CBeebies’ groundbreaking entertainment series, Magic Hands, which combines animation with voice, sound design and British Sign Language to bring poetry to little ones, who are both hearing and deaf. The fourth series of Magic Hands begins in December 2020. She produced the series with the deaf-led production company, Flashing Lights Media. 

After being elected as MEP for the South East of England, Judith is also a popular speaker on Women in Politics, Future Skills and Women in Science.

Please click here, if you would like more information about Judith as a
speaker and political campaigner.




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