Judith Bunting’s career in specialist factual television spans more than 20 years of prime time entertainment, Factual entertainment and documentary production.

Her programmes have won awards from organisations such as the Royal Television Society, KidsScreen, Learning on Screen, Science et Image, the British Medical Association, the Wellcome Trust, the International Wildlife Film Festival and more.

Judith is the driving force behind CBeebies’ hit entertainment series, Magic Hands, which she produces with the deaf-led production company, Flashing Lights Media. Magic Hands combines animation with voice, sound design and British Sign Language to bring poetry to little ones, who are both hearing and deaf. The third series of Magic Hands is currently in production. 


Judith was a science director and producer at BBC television for more than 15 years, creating science programmes, stunts, magazine show and events for all main channels. As a Director, she created award-winning documentaries for Horizon, Tomorrow’s World and Superhuman, as well as filming stunts, ambitious graphics, and science experiments for live tv.

As Executive Producer, commissioned health programmes for BBC Three, which included Body Hits (3 series) and produced the extraordinary award-winning, three and a half hour (210-minute), record-audience grabbing Breast Cancer, the Operation (a ‘channel defining event’). After leaving the BBC, Judith made programmes for national and international broadcasters including the BBC, Discovery and National Geographic.

As a Development Consultant, Judith works with children’s and fact ent producers to conceive new ideas for family television and develop existing concepts into vibrant and viable productions. Outside of the broadcast arena, she is an enthusiastic volunteer campaigner and fundraiser.

 Business, Vodafone, JB (1)




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