Judith Bunting is a screenwriter, with a background as director of award winning science documentaries and entertainment for TV and VOD.

JB speaking strip

Judith is currently developing series for family TV and action features. 

As an Executive and Series Producer, in the first of her former lives, Judith led creative teams to produce award-winning series and landmark documentaries. Judith was noted for putting fun on the screen, incorporating stunts and on-screen experiments, which led to notable TV moments for live TV and documentary, for instance splitting the national transmitter network to test a UK-wide audience with subliminal messaging on on live tv. The experiment which drew 33,000 contributions and the result was written up and published in the highly respectable science journal, Nature.  

Awards: Royal Television Society, Science et Image, British Medical Association, Learning on Screen, KidsScreen, Wellcome Trust, the International Wildlife Film Festival and more.

In 2019, the second of Judith’s former lives took off when she was elected as MEP for the South East of England. Sadly, that life ended with Brexit, but the work she was involved with in those 8 months in Europe was amazing and extraordinary. More information about this is available on Linked In.

Please click here, for more information about Judith as a speaker.



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