Executive and Series Producer

As an Exec and Series Producer Judith Bunting leads creative teams to produce popular prime time productions for BBC2, BBC3, BBC1, Discovery, National Geographic and … CBeebies. 

THE MUSEUM – BBC Wales for BBC2 10 x 50′

Hugely popular ten-part history documentary series, tracking a year of
life for curators, archeologists and artists
behind the scenes at the world-famous British Museum

Jane Portal and Caroline Ingham measuring up a Terracotta Warrior

THE NEANDERTHAL CODE – Wall to Wall for National Geographic 2 x 60′

This high-profile science documentary was the first to report the newly discovered genetic link between humans and Neanderthals. The highly talented creative team combined cutting edge science with unparalleled reconstructive drama.

Shortlisted for a Grierson Award, Best Science Documentary
Winner of RTS Craft Award for Makeup Design (Hybrid FX)

The Neanderthal Code - DNA

BODY HITS – BBC Specialist Factual for BBC3 18 x 30′

Body Hits defined a new genre of popular health programmes for mainstream audiences for
the new BBC3. Presenter by psychologist John Marsden, the three six-part series revealed how extreme lifestyles affect our bodies, and provided a stylish mix of
physiological insights, facts and human stories.

Winner of 2 x Wellcome Trust Awards for Best Science Documentary
Winner of a Banff Prix Concours

Body Hits - skeleton graphics

HEADSHRINKERS OF THE AMAZON – Diverse for National Geographic 1 x 60′

Piers Gibbon treks through the Amazon rainforest to investigate the truth and the tribesman featured in anthropological archive film from the 1960s which appears to
show the process of shrinking of a human head.

Can Piers find the right tribe and tribesmen?
Will they tell him what actually happened on the film?

Selected to open National Geographic’s Expedition Week 2010

Headshrinkers' Press

BREAST CANCER: THE OPERATION – BBC Specialist Factual for BBC3 1 x 210′

Award-winning, record-breaking, “channel-defining” event for BBC Three’s Cancer Week.
The 3 and a half hour as-live, split-screen, magazine style OB was
based around an eight-hour mastectomy and reconstruction.

Record audiences for BBC Three and an RTS Award.

Winner of the Royal Television Society Award for Best Single Programme.

MAGIC HANDS – Flashing Lights Media for CBeebies 80 x 10′

Magic Hands blends spoken word with animation and music to bring poetry to
young children – and adds Sign Language to the mix for good measure.
The series is fun, innovative way and has introduced the Cbeebies audience to classics from The Dog Ate My Homework to The Lady of Shallot.

With spoken English voiceover, music and animation, the series became an instant hit with deaf and hearing children. The first series drew more than 35% share of the target audience, outstripping a number of longtime CBeebies favourites. Presenters are all profoundly deaf and animations spring from their hands as they present the poems in British Sign Language.


ROCKET SCIENCE – Diverse for BBC2 3 x 60′

A prime time experiment in science, following an inspirational teacher, Andy Smith, in his unique approach to Year 9 Chemistry, using fireworks to enthuse reluctant teenagers.

“A real-life, honest-to-goodness hero… the write-in campaign
for Smith’s knighthood starts here.” [The Guardian]

Rocket Science - test tubes

MOUNTAIN MISSION – Windfall for National Geographic, Kabel 1, FIVE 1 x 60′ 

Part of the long-running Monster Moves franchise, this hour-long engineering
and science documentary tells the story of a multi-million-pound construction project, moving a colossal telescope up five thousand metres to a mountain plateau
in the heart of the Atacama Desert.

Mountain Mission - desert

THE SECRET LAB – 4 x 15′ x 30′

Remark Production for Film4, Community Channel, British Sign Language Broadcasting Trust (BSLBT)

KS3 science series, presented in British Sign Language.
Gliders, guitars and exploding melons.

The Secret Lab - titles

THE SECRET LIFE OF TWINS – BBC Specialist Factual for BBC1  3 x 60′

The Secret Life of Twins, presented by Professor Robert Winston. The series explored the unusual biology of identical twins and what their genetics and
their experiences can tell us about the human condition.
Audience = 7.8 million on BBC1.

The most astonishing footage of the night… An ultrasound camera had filmed two foetuses in the womb, twins, who were obviously and openly interacting.”

Secret Life of Twins - little girls

TEEN SPECIES – BBC Specialist Factual for BBC1 3 x 60′

A new concept in science programming, this three-part series tracked the development of teenagers over two years and mixed observational material with
detailed scientific exploration.

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